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About Us

We craft unique art sculptures and design objects for office, and living spaces, architecture, art on building, properties and environamental spaces

Have you ever thought about how our world would look like without artists and their art? How often does your eye enjoy a wonderful work of art, the form, the feel, the not immediately recognizable and thus changes your day, your views, your life?

We create art objects that enrich our living and public space, make us think and create dialogue. Let our objects inspire you. We are looking forward to you.

Sales Categories

Want to own your 
unique piece of art?

Our art objects make rooms sound. They create dialogue and offer space for contemplative concentration while being looked at. Give a new expression to your living or working space with one of these unique pieces that want to be possessed, touched, used and looked at.

Comission Work

We also do unique 
commission work

Architecture + Craft

Do you need a unique gate or fence, security bars or railings for your building? We produce artistic objects for private houses, company buildings, gardens and public spaces.

Our interior designer designs for and with you an absolute unique piece of art and we craft it by hand in the workshop or on its supposed place.

Our work often results in lifelong friendships with our customers

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