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Artistic Black Smith

Joachim Harbut

We live in a world that is predominantly oriented towards the visible and thus suppresses or even denies the existence and effect of everything invisible, unconscious and incomprehensible. In contrast to this is the case of memory.

My art encourages people to open themselves to memory. This makes it possible for them to actively embark on the journey to their own being. Remembrance is thus not recourse to knowledge, but rather existential remembering.

My art brings then something to sound in people that only they recognize because they recognize themselves.

  • 1965
    Born in Offenbach/Main 

  • 1982 - 1985 
    Apprenticeship as artistic blacksmith

  • 1989
    Examination for master craftsman's diploma in blacksmithing.
    Afterwards self-employment with the production of unique pieces

  • 1990 - 2012
    Individual and group exhibitions, art projects and workshops

  • 2001
    Independent artist

  • Since 2012
    Member of the BBK (Professional Association of Visual Artists Germany)


Bäreneck 4
55288 Armsheim

+49 . 176 . 430 311 65

Concept . Design . Realisation  -